Next week: stick around for the Book Riot Read Harder Book Group

As a bookish person, you may be acquainted with Book Riot, the fabulous Internet hub of all things readerly.  If not, go check them out--they offer podcasts, publishing news, book recommendations, and much more, including an incredible annual live event in New York City, with folks like Alexander Chee, Angela Flournoy, Ken Liu, and Margaret Atwood.

So we're delighted that Book Riot's Read Harder Book Group will meet at Beech Street Parlor next Sunday, right after Silent Reading Party.  The Read Harder Book Group is an "any book" group, meaning if you're reading any book and you want to talk with other readers, you're in.  Just sign up for a free ticket and show up at Beech Street Parlor at 5pm to join in the fun. 

Bottom line:  next Sunday, May 22, come read with us in silence from 3-5 pm, come talk books at 5 pm, or better yet, BOTH! 

Start out your week in truly readerly style!!

Our future home, via.

Our future home, via.