June Silent Reading Party: Summer Extravaganza!!

In case you missed it, our June Silent Reading Party is going to be pretty amazing.  We've partnered with The Side Yard Farm, Sweetheart Bakery, Ruchikala, and Pearl Soda to create a reading party with custom cocktails, Indian-Mexican fusion, and sweet baked goods at an urban farm.  Check it out!

The Side Yard is the most gorgeous location you can imagine to post up and read for a while, maybe after a relaxing stroll through the rows with a custom cocktail from Pearl Soda in your hand?

Pearl Soda makes small-batch tea syrups from fine ingredients, with flavors like blue mountain sunshine (Nilgiri black tea and lemongrass), dancing dragon (sarsparilla and yerba mate), and lime twist (rooibos, ginger, and lime.)  Mixed with ice, fizzy water, and (optionally) the alcohol of your choice, they make delectable summer cocktails.  Delicious with a meal from Ruchikala!

Ruchikala cooks for a global table, with a special savor for Indian and Mexican fusion dishes.  Maybe you've never thought of combining a rava dosa with channa paneer curry and Oaxacan chutney chili chutney pudio...but Ruchikala has.  And it's the perfect accompaniment to a sweet treat from Sweetheart Bakery!

Sweetheart makes the most incredible cookies, tarts, and cakes, sourcing many flavors from teas, spices, herbs, and flowers.  From lychee and plum to passionflower and elderberry, these are incredible confections you have to see (and try) to believe.

We think this is going to be a once-in-a-season event, honoring all the best of Portland's brief, luscious summer days.  Delicious food, delicious drinks, and hours to read in peaceful and beautiful surroundings.  What could be better?  We don't know.

You can find the event details here.  Let us know if you're coming!  June 28, 6-9 pm.  Tickets are $25, and they include a meal, a cocktail, and a sweet treat.  Bring your own book, and a sweater if you get chilly.  We'll see you there!